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The death of Mrs. Thomas St. Aubyn Nevinson, following an operation in England, is announced in a cablegram received by local relatives. Mrs. Nevinson was the former Miss Mary Natalie Wick, daughter of the late Col. George D. Wick of Youngstown, who lost his life when the Titanic sank in 1912.
   Mrs. Nevinson was also a passenger on the Titanic, returning from England with her parents and Miss Caroline Bonnell, now the wife of Federal Judge Paul Jones. Mrs. Wick, Mrs. Nevinson and Mrs. Jones were rescued. George D. Wick was one of the founders of the Ohio Works.
   Mr. and Mrs. Nevinson lived in England in recent years. They had a home in San Rafael, South France which they left before the German occupation. They escaped on the same boat which took Somerset Maugham to England.
   Surviving with Mr. Nevinson are two daughters and a step-son.
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