Ivan Jaalasovich Who Escaped from Titanic Homesick for Native Land

Galesburg Mail


Jumped into Same Lifeboat in which Frank Kurun Escaped

Accompanied Kurun to Galesburg

Ivan Jaalasovich, who was one of the passengers on the Titanic, and who in company with Frank Kurun of this city, escaped from the ill-fated steamer, started this morning on the return trip to his home in Agram, Austria, and before leaving today expressed to a Mail reporter his firm intention of remaining on the other side of the Atlantic the rest of his life. Jaalasovich had, prior to coming to this country, been an officer in the Austrian army, and had given up his commission in that body to come to America, having had the hope of bettering his fortunes here, built up by the glowing description of the country given by Kurun. He stated that when he found the ship was sinking, that he had almost given up any hope of being saved, but that one of the lifeboats was being lowered past the deck where he was standing he decided to take a chance, and leaping over the railing, jumped into the boat. Those in the boat, which was already filled, made room for him and he was pressed into service at the oars….

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