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J. Bruce Ismay retreat for sale

A Titanophile's Dream for $1.5 million

Irish Independent

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J. Bruce Ismay retreat for sale
The fishing lodge at Casla, Co Galway, where J. Bruce Ismay spent many happy years after his retirement from the White Star Line in 1913.
There is a memorial stone to Ismay in the extensive gardens. This property, being sold by Agnes Toohey, is on one of the foremost salmon-fishing rivers in the British Isles, the Casla, and it seems extraordinary that it is not mentioned in the advertisement.
There are also stables and an old servants accomodation block in a quadrangle to the rear. Ms Toohey is the elderly widow of Jack Toohey, a former owner.
Ismay personally took more than 300 salmon in a single season here in the 1920s. Salmon was so common in the household that it was even fed to the dogs.
The pricetag seems cheap to the contributor, who would still need them to cut it by a third if he was to move out of Dublin!

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