He Wouldn't Take That Job, Says the Dog Show Doorkeeper
The proudest man in New York yesterday was the doorkeeper of the private
entrance to the Dog Show in Madison Square Garden, for he was formally
introduced to the little niece of J. Pierpont Morgan by Mr. Morgan

It was about 5:30 o'clock when Mr. Morgan, accompanied by the little
girl, appeared. The doorkeeper, conscious of his personal acquaintance
with the financier, and also recognizing a kindred spirit in dogdom,
gave his visitors a hearty welcome. Mr. Morgan acknowledged the welcome,
and when the doorkeeper deplored that the financier was not exhibiting
his collies this year, he was told that Mr. Morgan was also very sorry.

"But I want you to meet my little niece," continued the financier,
patting the child on the shoulder, "for she, too, is a great dog lover,
if not a fancier."

"Pretty democratic," commented a by-stander as the financier passed on.

"Who? Him?" said the doorkeeper. "He's a real man; that's what he is."

"How'd you like to vote for him for President?" asked the other.

"Huh! He's too big. He wouldn't take that job," said the doorkeeper.

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