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Arrives There from Naples with His Sister, Mrs. Burns
By Marconi Transatlantic Wireless Telegraph to The New York Times
ROME, March 16---J. P. Morgan and his sister, Mrs. Burns, arrived from
Naples this evening, and went straight to the Grand Hotel. Mr. Morgan,
although very well, was feeling somewhat fatigued, and retired to his
own apartment, refusing to see any one. He dealt with the large
correspondence that had accumulated here, dined privately with his own
party, and retired early.

His arrival at the Grand was coincident with a farewell tea given to Mr. and Mrs. Francis Peabody of Boston, who are leaving to-morrow. Thus quite a number of Americans were present, including Ambassador and Mrs. O'Brien, Post Wheeler and wife, who have just arrived at the embassy
from St. Petersburg, and Frank Millet.

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