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While Titanic was outfitting, Jackal served as an auxiliary vessel moored alongside, her generator providing light and power aboard the ship for the outfitting workers. Also used as a yard tug.

Port of Registry Belfast
Flag of Registry British
Funnel buff
Company Flag Dark blue burgee with a white star
Signal letters H G W T
Iron hull, 1 funnel, single screw
Engines: Compound: 2 cyl. 30” x 60” x 30” stroke 164 NHP
Tonnages: gross 168 underdeck 150 net 3
Dimensions: length 92.1 width 21.1 depth 12.0

1885 Built and engineered by J. Redhead & Co., South Shields Yard No. 211
1885 Built for W. & T. Jolliffee and launched as William Jolliffee
1905 Purchased from the Admiralty by Harland & Wolff. Renamed Jackal.
Ex. Woodcock, ex. William Jolliffee, ex Admiralty screw tug

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This item first appeared in Voyage, Journal of the Titanic International Society.

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Belfast, Ireland


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