Friends Shocked When News of His Fate Is Received in City Yesterday.

San Bernardino Daily Sun

Friends Shocked When News of His Fate Is Received in City Yesterday.

James Webber, wealthy English globe trotter, who has made his home in San Bernardino for a number of years, was one of the victims of the ’Titanic’ disaster.

That this city lost a citizen in the sinking of the ship was not known until yesterday when County Clerk Charles Post received an inquiry from Mrs. Mark Deeble, of Cornwall, England, the eldest of two sisters who survive Webber.

From this letter it would appear that Webber had started home from England, and after a tour of the world he set forth over 18 months ago.

He had enjoyed an especially merry time with his two sisters and old friends at the home of his young manhood, and was looking forward to his return to San Bernardino. He took passage aboard the ill-fated ’Titanic,’ and in the list of the lost his name appears.

The sisters had been too prostrate to send word here earlier, but now they ask concerning his estate, for he is believed to have considerable money invested in real estate both in this and Los Angeles county.

While here Webber made his home at the Southern Hotel. He was highly thought of by the proprietor, and news of his untimly death aboard the ’Titanic’ came as a severe shock yesterday.

The present managers of the hotel took possession just after Webber left on his world tour, but letters still come for the deceased.

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