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Among the passengers aboard the ill-fated steamer Titanic were Miss
Gertrude Myles, of 266 Grove street, Jersey City, and her father,
Thomas F. Myles, of Cambridge, Mass., who was her companion on a trip to
London. Frederick Myles, living at the same address, on hearing of the
accident to the vessel on which his sister and father were passengers,
was well nigh grief-stricken in the fear that one or both might have
gone down with the ship. He is buoyed up, however, with the hope that
both have been saved. This is based on the receipt of a telegram from
his sister at Cambridge to the effect that both are safe. The telegram
is as follows:

"Cambridge, Mass., April 16
"Mr. Frederick Myles, 2456 Grove St., Jersey City, N.J.
"Papa sailed on Titanic. Safe on Carpathia. All well.

Although reassured by the message, Mr. Myles hopes for further news
confirming the contents of the telegram. His father is an old seafaring
man, who has been in the employ of the White Star Line for a period of
forty-five years. With his son Frederick live two daughters of the old
sailor whom it is hoped has been saved. These are the Misses Gertrude
and Elizabeth. Gertrude, a passenger on the vessel, is known to be
among those saved.

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