John Cotter, Harbor Pilot for Queenstown

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John Cotter, Harbor Pilot for Queenstown

To all who are interested in John Cotter, Harbor Pilot for Queenstown

My name is Peter Gauthier and I am the Great, Great Grandson of said John Cotter.

Specifically, one of his daughters Maggie or Margaret, who my mother is named for, was my Great Grandmother.

My family knew that John was a harbor pilot for Cobh (Queenstown) for some time but never knew until my mother visited Cobh in the 90's that he had lead the Titanic out that morning. I am a bit of a history buff and since no one seems to have any authentic photos of John Cotter, I am offering our family photo for your consideration.

This has been in our family for many years and was taken in Boston when he came to visit his daughters.

He had two sons, John and William. William is shown in the photograph and very coincidentally, while doing some research on the ship William had supposedly gone down on, The Ship Jason, I came across an actual photograph of the wreck at an antique dealer in Massachusetts. His other son John was said to have "disappeared" to Australia.

On the back of the photograph lists the names of John Cotter's daughters, their husbands and their children. I am descended from Maggie on the far right who's husband, John Stanton, was absent at the time of the photo. I hope this photograph of John Cotter is of use to all those who are interested in the history of this tragedy.

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