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Karl H. Behr is a prominent lawyer of 40 Wall street, Manhattan. Mr. Behr who is a member of the West Side Tennis Club, of Manhattan, is prominent in the sporting world. He gained prominence as a tennis player, winning several championships and some years ago represented the United States in the Davis Cup matches in Australia. Mr. Behr has carried off several championships both in New York and in other States. Last year he was ninth in the official ranking in the singles class.

It was learned at his office that he had been to Europe on a business trip for his father’s firm, Herman Behr & Co. He is about 26 years old, single and resides at 777 Madison avenue, Manhattan.

A brief glance into Mr. Behr’s history as a tennis player shows that he was a worthy exponent of the game. In 1905 he won the singles championship of New Jersey and teamed with H. Little, carried off the doubles title. In 1904 the inter-collegiate doubles championship was won by Behr and Bodman, who represented Yale.

He was defeated by W. A. Larned for the Longwood Cup in July, 1906, and in August, of the same year, Mr. Behr won the singles championship at Southampton, L. I. In 1907 he represented the United States at Australia in the Davis Cup matches. By defeating Edwin P. Larned the singles’ title of the Englewood Field reverted to Mr. Behr.

Mr. Behr is well-known in Brooklyn, as he is a member of the Crescent Athletic Club until within a few years ago, when he resigned and joined the West Side Club.

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