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MORRISTOWN, April 16---Word was received here today by Frederick H. Behr, of Headley road, that his brother, Karl H. Behr, of 777 Madison avenue, New York, the noted tennis player, was among the passengers saved. This telegram came from the Behr family in New York.

Mr. Behr was well known here, having been a resident several years ago. He is also well known in Orange, where he competed in the Middle States championship matches. He is a lawyer at 40 Wall street, Manhattan. While a student at Yale Mr. Behr was one of the foremost college tennis players and had been prominent [several words illegible]. He was a member of one of the Davis cup teams. He went abroad on a pleasure trip about six weeks ago.

Among those from this place, who had planned to sail on the Titanic on her return trip, scheduled for Saturday, were Mrs. Wilson S. Bissell and Miss Margaret Bissell, of Maple avenue, and Miss Ruth Taylor, of Madison avenue, who will go abroad with the Bissells for the summer, and Grinnell Willis, of South street. Passage has been procured for them on the Cedric, and they will sail for England on Thursday.

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