Karl H. Behr

New York Times

Karl H. Behr, one of the foremost tennis players in this country, is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Behr of 777 Madison Avenue. He is a lawyer at 40 Wall Street, having been admitted to the bar soon after his graduation from Yale in 1905. Mr. Behr while a Yale student was one of the foremost college tennis players, and has been prominent ever since in most of the big championship events, having competed in several National championship tournaments. He was a member of one of the Davis Cup teams.

Last August at Newport he was put out in the fourth round by R. D. Little. He was the runner-up last year in the metropolitan championship doubles, his partner being R. D. Little Mr. Behr is a member of the West Side Tennis Club of this city and he won his team match last season in the inter-city match with Philadelphia. He is also a prominent member being R. D. Little. [sic] Mr. Behr was a regular competitor in the indoor tennis championships played on the Seventh Regiment Armory floor. Max H. Behr, the well-known golfer, is his brother. Mr. Behr is unmarried.

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