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FIFTY-TWO years ago, Titanic survivor Mr Ernest Allen, of 40 Salisbury Road, Highfield, Southampton was a stoker in the ill-fated Titanic. Today at 72 years of age, he is still stoking and at the Ordnance Survey Office, London Road, Southampton, contributes to the warmth of the staff during the winter months. This week, Mr. Allen has had a letter from America, and after all these years as a survivor has now been made an honorary member of the Titanic Enthusiasts of America organisation. Said Mr. Allen when he showed me his certificate: "It is nice to know that in America they are keeping alive the memory of the Titanic..." Membership of the TEA entitles him to enjoy all the organisations activities meetings and benefits. Mr. Allen is not likely to go to America to attend meetings, but he looks forward to being kept in touch with other survivors throughout the world.

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