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Asks Stewardess He Meets About the Saving of Passengers
By Marconi Transatlantic Wireless Telegraph to The New York Times
LONDON, July 11---The King and Queen paid Liverpool a visit to-day in the course of their Lancashire tour, and inspected the shipping and the new Gladstone Dock.

Aboard the tender Galatea, which took them around the mercantile fleet, their Majesties made the acquaintance of a stewardess, Mrs. Robinson, one of the Titanic survivors. The King was immediately interested, and plied the stewardess with questions, but Mrs. Robinson seemed disinclined to speak of the calamity.

"It is the sort of thing one doesn't like to talk much about afterward," she said to him. "It was too terrible."

"But do tell me this," persisted the King, "do you think more lives could have been saved?"

"Among the third-class passengers I certainly think so," was the reply. "But they appeared to think more of their belongings than they did of themselves."

Their Majesties congratulated the stewardess on her escape.

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