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Kura Steamship Co., Ltd. (Stephens, Sutton & Stephens, Managers.)

(Westbound, Bremerhaven to New York via St. John’s Newfoundland)
On 18 March encountered ice at 42 degrees N. 47 degrees 11” W. and continued in ice for the next ten days, during which time the ice became heavier and more compact. On 28 March her forward frame and 25 plates were damaged by collision with field ice and her propeller was damaged.

Arrived new York 2 April and after discharging cargo went to Morse Drydock and Repair Company, Brooklyn, N.Y. for repairs. Departed New York eastbound for Algiers and Genoa 13 April. Her captain reported the vessel as being in the vicinity of the disaster site 14 April, but as they had no wireless equipment, they were ignorant of the need for help.

The captain later recalled having glimpsed a large liner through the fog and hearing voices of passengers, but the dense mist prevented him from learning anything abnormal about the liner. He concentrated on avoiding the iceberg. He learned at Algiers of the disaster.

Port of registry: Newcastle
Flag of registry: British
Funnel: Black, yellow band with red star atop upturned crescent
Company flag: white, large red star at center with upturned red crescent beneath
Signal letters: L H D J
Steel hull, one funnel, single screw
1 deck (steel) spar deck (iron) web frames
Machinery aft, electric lights
Engines constructed by J. Dickinson, Sutherland. Triple expansion 3 cyl. 22.5’. ,36.5’, 60’ by 39’ stroke 266 N.H.P.
100 pounds operating pressure
Captain: G.A. Roach
Tonnages: 2,382 gross, 2. 310 underdeck, 1,512 net
Dimensions: length: 294 ft. Width: 37.7 ft. depth: 20.2 ft.

1889 Built by Armstrong, Mitchell & Co. Newcastle Yard No. 555

Positions of ice encountered by Kura’

18 March 46 24’N, 47 11’W
19 March: 45 37’N, 49 37’W
20 March: 46 32’N, 53 28’ W
27 March: 44 22’N, 57 14’W to 43 34’N 57 14’W

*Two other vessels damaged by ice during the westbound Atlantic crossing also were repaired at the Morse yard: Romsdal and Lord Cromer q.v.

© 2004 John P. Eaton all rights reserved.
This item first appeared in Voyage, Journal of the Titanic International Society.

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