Last Will & Testament Lost on Titanic

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In the High Court of Justice
Probate, Divorce and Admiralty Division
(Before the Rt. Hon. Samuel Evans, President)

In the goods of S. S. Jacobsohn, deceased.

page 3

This was a motion by a widow to admit to probate the copy of a lost will. Mr Barnard K.C. (Mr G. W. Ricketts with him)said that Sidney Samuel Jacobsohn died on April 15, 1912, being at that time a passenger on the SS Titanic.
He was married to Miss Amy Frances Christy on September 6, 1910. In the previous August he had given instructions for a will, and the draft of it was still in existence, and under it all his estate went to the wife absolutely.
In October or November 1910, while on their honeymoon, at Torquay, they made the acquaintance of a Mr and Mrs Wright. The deceased and Mrs Jacobsohn both executed their wills at this date, and Mr and Mrs Wright attested them.
They were deposited at the Standard Bank of South Africa in a black box for safe custody until March 25, 1912. On that date they were withdrawn and placed in a trunk, which was put on board the Titanic, according to the wife's affidavit.
The President - Was the wife saved?
Mr Barnard - Yes, the wife was saved. She swears that when she left her husband the trunk was in the cabin they occupied on the Titanic. The facts were sworn to by the applicant, Mr and Mrs Wright and others. The estate was of the value of 12,000 pounds.
The only next of kin did not oppose.
He (the learned counsel) moved for a grant of probate of the contents of the lost will as contained in Mrs Jacobsohn's affidavit.
The President - Yes, until the original will be found, as I understand that there was a will found that had been in the "Oceana." [NOTE: P&O vessel sunk in March, 1912 - SM]
Solicitors - Neish, Howell & Haldane.

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