The Gazette (Montreal)

The first of the official receptions on the White Star-Dominion R. M. S.
Laurentic takes place today, when a luncheon will be provided, to which the
following, amongst others, are the invited guests: Sir Wilfred Laurier,
[Prime Minister of Canada], ... [IMM representatives] P. A S. Franklin,
John Lee, F. Toppin, John Torrance, W. M. Macpherson [and] G. W. Torrance,
... [Montreal] Mayor [Louis] Payette, ... [railroad executive] Chas. M.
Hays, [and many others, whose names will not be included here].
Representative exporters in grain, flour, fruit and hay; prominent cattle
shippers, the leading lumber dealers, and men prominent in Canadian business
matters are also included in the list.

It is understood that Sir Wilfred Laurier will be unable to attend, but a
large number of the other invited guests have signified their intention of
being present.

Tomorrow there will be a ladies' reception, to which over 800 of the fair
sex have been invited, and will continue between 4 and 6 p.m., with a
special tea. On Thursday there will be a lunch to the passenger agents,
many of whom will be from the western divisions, to meet their confreres of
the east.

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