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Mrs. Thomas Cuffe Prostrated Over Fate of Miss Julia Barry

Mrs. Thomas Cuffe, of 148 Livingston street, is prostrated with grief at her home to-day as a result of the loss of her sister, who perished when the waters of the Atlantic closed over the steamer Titanic. The sister, Miss Julia Barry, of 14 West Thirty-second street, New York City, had visited Mrs. Cuffe many times, and she had a large circle of friends in this city. She was a member of a party of five, all of whom went down with the ship. The others were Miss Elizabeth Bradley, of Ireland; Miss Katherine Butler, of New York City; Miss Mary Bresnahan, of Ireland, and Edward O’Brien, of New York.

Miss Barry had planned to sail on the Celtic, which was due to arrive in New York to-day, but the prospect of an earlier arrival and the distinction of being a passenger on the largest steamer in the world, tempted her to sail on the Titanic. She wrote a letter to her brother, Edward Barry, of Yonkers, telling him of the change in her plans. She wrote him that she would be in New York in four days, and asked him to meet her at the pier. Instead, he met the ambulance ship, Carpathia.

Mrs. Cuffe first learned that her sister was on the Titanic Wednesday night when she came across the name “Barry” in the passenger lists. The following day she received a letter from her brother saying that their sister was on the luckless steamer. There was no trace of Miss Barry or the rest of the party when the Carpathia came in. Mrs. Cuffe and Mr. Barry went through all of the New York hospitals where the injured from the Titanic disaster had been taken yesterday, but they failed to learn the fate of their sister.

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