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Letter about Titanic victim Leopold Weisz

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I suppose by the time this letter reached you, you will have read full particulars of the foundering of the "Titanic". We are very upset about it as on board were Mr Weisz and his wife. She is saved we believe and may come to stay with us till something is arranged for her, - but we are afraid it is all up with poor Weisz. He was the head sculptor of the firm, an awfully nice man, he came up and had dinner with us one night, it was while aAnt Annie was here. I believe he intended to take a flat near us so we should have been neighbours. He was doing awfully well and was going to be made a director of the firm.

He was commissioned to carve the large [?] panel at the new art gallery. It is a terrible thing for his poor wife as no doubt they had all the things they had been collecting for their new home swept away I guess the Captain was trying to create a record with his new ship. But by the time you get this letter no doubt you'll have read all about it and heard all sorts of theories. I'm glad when you come the sea will be pretty clear of icebergs. Anyway it is pretty sure to make Captains of Liners extra careful for many years to come.


Ken Knott


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