Letter from his Majesty the King

Torquay Directory

The Late Mr. Forbes Julian.-Mrs. Forbes Julian, of Redholme, has been honoured by receiving, through Viscount Knollys, a letter expressing the sympathy of his Majesty the King with her in the loss of her husband in the Titanic disaster. The letter reads: “His Majesty sincerely sympathises with you in your irreparable loss, and feels deeply for you, and for all those to whom the loss of the Titanic has been the cause of such great sorrow. The King remembers very well his visit to your house at Torquay, and how much also he was interested in the interesting geological collections.” Mrs. Julian had been previously honoured by receiving a letter from Buckingham Palace conveying the sympathy of her Majesty the Queen, and she has also received from Marlborough House a gracious letter conveying the condolences and sympathy of her Majesty Queen Alexandra.

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