Letter from Mr. H. P. Hodges

Southampton Times and Hampshire Express

Mr. Hector Young, hon. secretary of the Newtown Ward Conservative Association, received a letter from Mr. H. P. Hodges, the well-known Southampton tradesman, dated April 10th who was a passenger on the ill-fated Titanic, returning thanks for an expression of goodwill sent him on the eve of his departure. Mr. Hodges writes that 'He had been having a fine time'. The movement of the ship was unnoticed, and the weather was good.

No news had been heard of Mr. Hodges up to Thursday, and it was feared that he is among the unfortunate victims.
Mr. H. P. Hodges, we understand, was on a visit to a relative at Boston. He intended to return in a few weeks time. He has a wife and eight children.

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