Letter from Stagg to his wife

Dear Bertie,

Just a few lines to let you know I arrived on board all right but what a day we have had of it, it's been nothing but work all day long but I can tell you nothing as regards what people I have for nothing will be settled until we leave Queenstown tomorrow, anyway we have only 317 first and if I should be lucky enough to get a table at all it won't possibly be more than two that I have, still one must not grumble for there will be plenty without any. I expect you will have heard about New York breaking away from her moorings through the suction of our ship, it looks as though there was going to be another collision but happily the tugs got hold of her in time. Now darling you must excuse this short note for it's getting late and we have to be up again by 4.30 in the morning and I expect there will be another rosy time with stairs and baggage. Of course I don't find anything so bad excepting the food and that we have to scramble for like a lot of mad men but that won't last for long when things get straightened out a bit. Well good night dear and mind you don't spend all your money. I hope Mrs. Hack will soon be well enough to relieve you of your charge so that you may have plenty of room to sleep at night.

Love to all


I made 6d today what luck

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