Letter from Susan Webber to the parents of Lewis and Onen Braund

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61 Heath Street
Hartford City
Conn U.S.A.
April 23 1912

Dear Mrs & Mr Braund

I feel it my duty painful as it is to write you these few lines knowing as I do your great grief at the loss of your two dear sons on the Titanic. We all left Holsworthy with such bright hopes and I shall never forget your dear son’s kindness to me on our journey. I had a long talk with them about 3 hours before the awful [word missing] which happened at 20 minutes to 12 on April 14 which sent so many of our brave English men to death. I am the only one of the company that left Holsworthy saved. painful as it is we must submit and leave all in the hands of our Lord who knows best. Words are small things & express ones feelings but you have my deepest sympathy and the I am sure the sympathy of the whole world trusting you will be given strength from above & bear this great burden as bravely as I am sure your dear sons went to their death.

I remain
yours sincerely
S Webber

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