Letter to his mother

Mrs. Thomas Mudd, The Street, Hunting Field, Halesworth, Suffolk.

Dear Mother, Arrived at Southampton safe - The Titanic is a splendid boat and you hardly know you are moving. Will write more fully later Your loving Son Tom.
PS Please send Edie's address also send He (sic) this card as I do not know it''.
Stamps removed postmark not visible.[The letter was sold at Onslows 1998 Auction at the Hilton Hotel Southampton for £3,600 - Lot 126.]

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  1. jeremy steer said:

    Thomas Cupper Mudd was my Grandfathers brother. I learned much about him from my grandfather over the decades. I would like to know the history of his last Letter home, of which I have a copy, and how it ultimately arrived in an auction?

  2. Ben Chorlton said:

    Jeremy, my name is Ben. My aunt was the last family member in possession of the post card from Thomas before it was ultimately put up for auction during the Titanic craze of the late 90's. It was handed down to my aunt from the 'Coe' side of the family. The post card belonged to her husband prior to his passing many years ago. I hope you get a notification that I have responded otherwise I might try looking you up on social media. Ben

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