Letter sent by John Harper from the Titanic

A letter written on board on company notepaper exists it reads:

My Dear Brother Young, I am penning you this line just before we get in to Queenstown to assure you that I have not forgotten you and especially all your kindness while we were North. I intended sending on Mrs. Pratt's train fares just before I left but in the rush which was exceptional having had 11 or 12 services for the week-end I was unable to get it done. I will send it on from Chicago. We had a great season of blessing during the last few days in Walworth. I don't know how I am to thank dear Aunty Mary and yourself for all your kindness the Lord will repay you for it all. Trust things are going well at Paisley Road. The warriors are with me here and are doing well so far on the journey. Very kindest love, your loving auld Pastor John Harper.

Another letter written on White Star notepaper and posted in Queenstown 11th April 1912)

My Dear Mother Superior,

I am penning this wee note just before we sail into Queenstown. The Warriors are with me and all of us are getting on well.
Although they are with me you are not to think we are going to remain on the other side. Far from this we hope to be back in August and in Scotland in the Autumn.
We had a blessed time in Walworth during the last week. Quite a season of revival, I am confident there are going to be [piece missing].
Remember me to all the moucher both auld and young and tell them they might each one of them write their auld Pastor a wee note and he will send them a post card.
Kindest love to yourself and all of the clan.
Your loving auld Pastor John.

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