Letter written by Miss Bridget Delia Henery to Mrs. M. S. Curley, her aunt in USA


Friday 5th

My Dear Aunt,

Just a line to let you know that I am to leave Athlone on Wednesday 10th April. I hope to God that we will get there all right. The ship is supposed to go in four and a half days. I hope you do have this small note. Hoping to meet you soon with Gods help.

It was a great dissapointment over that Miss Mee as she could not get to come. But there is some people going from Athlone. We must put our trust in God, he is the best.

Dear Aunt, I know sister Lizzie will feel bad not to know that I did not pick up with anyone from home, for the way it is home with the people is all to Boston they do go to. But I hope to God I do get there all right.

Well dear Aunt this is the name of the boat -Titanic- I am going on. I hope you do meet. I will wear a black coat and skirt and black hat with black and white ribbon on it.

I close with best of love to you all from your fond niece,

Delia Henry.

Provided by Michael Hynes

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