Life-Saving Appliances Committee, 1888

MERCHANT SHIPPING ACT, 1888.-The first meeting of the comnmittee appointed
under the provisions of the "Merchant Shippng (Life-Saving Appliances) Act,
1888," took place at the Board of Trade on the 15th inst. The members were
received by Mr. Michael Hicks-Beach, M.P., Mr. H. G.Calcraft, C.B., Mr.
Thomas Gray, C.B., and other leading officials of the department. The
committee subsequently elected Mr. Thomas H. Ismay as chairman, and Mr.J. G.
S. Anderson as vice-chairman. Besides these the following were present :-Mr.
D. Kennedy, Mr. N. Dunlop, Mr. W. John; Captains G. Armstrong, John Lees,
and H. J. Ward, Mr. M. Callaghan, Mr. T. S Lemon, Mr. S. I. da Costa, Mr. C.
R. Tatham, and the secretary, Mr. Walter J. Howell.

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