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A noticeable figure among the survivors of the Titanic has been removed by the death at the Sailors’ Home Southampton on Tuesday of Reginald Robinson Lee, on whom an inquest was held by the Borough Coroner (Mr. H. K. Pope) on Friday afternoon.

Lee was much in the public eye in the course of the subsequent inquiry, his evidence, as the look-out man who observed the iceberg, being followed at the time with much interest.

At the inquest Norman Ross, assistant-steward at the Sailors’ Home, said that the deceased came into the Home on July 31st last from the Kenilworth Castle. It was noticed that he breathed rather heavily. He did not complain of anything, and witnessed advised him to see a doctor on Tuesday morning last, as he seemed to be trifle worse. Later in the morning witness went up to his room, and found him lying on his face on the floor partly dressed. The last time he saw him alive was about 11.50 Tuesday morning.

Dr. O’Meara gave evidence to the effect that he was called to the Sailors’ Home and found deceased recently dead. He made a post-mortem examination and found the heart very much enlarged. He was of the opinion that death was one to heart failure, following pneumonia and pleurisy.

The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical evidence.

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