Local Woman's Kin Saved From Titanic

Evanston Daily News

Spencer V. Silverthorne, a brother of Mrs. H. H. Harris, 820 Foster street, is among the Titanic passengers that were rescued by the Carpathia. Word to this effect was received today.

Mr. Silverthorne who lives in St. Louis, is a buyer for Nugent Brothers of the Missouri city. He went to Europe in February on the Olympic and after buying for his firm in France and Germany traveled in Italy and England.

Shortly after the news of the sinking of the big steamer was given out Mrs. Harris learned that her brother had intended to sail on it. She at once got into communication with the office of the White Star Line in Chicago. It was not until Tuesday afternoon, however, until it was learned that he had been saved.

Evanston Daily News, Thursday, April 18, 1912, p. 5, c. 3:

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