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Mrs. Peter Reniff is Left Destitute

Made penniless by the recent Titanic disaster in which she lost her husband, two brothers, cousin and two friends, Mrs. Peter Reniff, of 21B Florida street, is to-day facing the world, depending on her friends and one brother, Frederick Jefferies, who lives at the Florida street residence, for support.

With the vessel sank the entire savings of the family as well as all of Mrs. Reniff’s clothing with the exception of that which she wore when leaving the ship. Her jewelry and many valuable gifts, which she was bringing to this country from her native land, England, were also lost.

Practically the only articles of value which she saved were her engagement and wedding rings, which she had on her finger when she left the vessel.

Although she is still under the care of a physician and has not yet fully recovered from her nervous breakdown, Mrs. Reniff was in a better frame of mind this morning to relate her experience.

According to the woman there were no lights of another vessel to be seen when the Titanic was sinking, as claimed by some of the ship’s officers. “The first lights I saw,” she said, “were those of the Carpathia, as the boat steamed toward us at daybreak.”

“The enormous loss of life,” she continued, “is due only to the fact that the number of lifeboats was inadequate. To say that the vessel floated for nearly three hours is not so,” she declared. “I was among the first of the second cabin passengers to reach the deck, and as I was being lowered in the lifeboat
I could see that mighty steamer sinking rapidly.”

At the time when the Reniffs left this city a few months ago they had a comfortable home and sufficient funds to warrant them a comfortable living for some time to come. They took all their money with them and the remainder of it, which was carried by Mr. Reniff on the return trip, was lost with him.


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