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Some Whose Names Are Not on the List of the Saved
GREENPORT, April 17---All Greenport is fearful that James V. Drew and Marshall, the 5-year-old son of William J. Drew, brother and partner of James Drew, are among the Titanic's dead. These two, together with Mrs. Lulu Drew, were listed among the passengers on the steamer and were on their way home from a visit to Mr. Drew's mother in Constantine, Cornwall, England.

James V. and William J. Drew have been in business here as monument dealers for several years. They came from England. The man who is believed to have gone down with the ship was 38 years old, a member of the Baptist Church here.

A telegram was received in Greenport this morning from William J. Drew stating that Mr. Franklin, of the White Star Line, had assured him that the company had word that Mrs. James V. Drew had been saved, but that there was no record of the rescue of James V. Drew nor of the boy, Marshall Drew.

William J. Drew and H. C. Christian went to Manhattan immediately upon learning of the sinking of the ship and are staying near to the White Star Line offices in the hope of getting further details of hte [sic] wreck and of their relatives.

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