Lord Cromer


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Departed Stockton-on Tees, England 14 March, 1912 on her maiden voyage bound for Louisburg, Nova Scotia, in ballast. During her crossing she was badly damaged by ice and after 19 days of a voyage which should have taken no more than 12 days, she was forced to put into Halifax on 3 April for repairs.

At this time her captain reported severe ice conditions encountered in the latitudes of the crossing and that on and around 26 March when about 150 miles east of St. John’s, Newfoundland, 60 of her plates were bent in on her waterline.

Repairs were not available at Halifax and the ship had to proceed in a crippled condition to New York where she arrived on 7 April and put in at the Morse Dry Dock and Repair Company at the foot of 56th Street in Brooklyn. The repairs needed to correct the damage done by ice amounted to more than $30,000.

Port of Registry Liverpool
Flag of Registry British
Funnel – green with a narrow white band below a black topCompany flag- white swallowtail pennant quartered by a wide blue cross, yellow heron a the center with red block letters, one in each quarter J H & Co
Signal letters - H V L S
Steel hull, 1 funnel, schooner rig, single screw, 2 decks, with web frames, longitudinal framing
Captain - James P. Barker
Tonnages - gross-4,652 underdeck- 4,396 net- 2,903
Length - 385 ft. width- 51.5 ft. depth- 27.4 ft.
Poop deck 32, bridge 116, foc’sle 36
Engines - Constructed by Blair & Co., Ltd., Stockton
Triple expansion 3 cyl 26”, 42”, 70” x 48” stroke 180 pounds operating pressure 419 N.H.P., 3 single-end boilers, 9 corrugated furnaces
Cellular construction, flat keel, water ballast.

1912 - Built by Craig, Taylor and Co., Ltd., Stockton (Yard No.149)
1912 Feb. 2 -Launched
11 March - Speed trials (14 knots over a measured mile)
14 March - Maiden Voyage Stockton-Halifax-New York
1917 - Sold to the Clan Line and renamed Clan Macreoian
1920 - Transferred to the Houston Line which had been taken over by Clan, renamed Halesius
1935 Dec. - Bought by N. Sitanis & Co. , renamed Arva
1942 Sept. 25 - Sunk in collision off Duncansby Head (extreme N.E. Scotland)

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This item first appeared in Voyage, Journal of the Titanic International Society.

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