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Dr. Ernest Moraweck of Louisville was a passenger on the Titanic.  His name appears on the second class passenger list and he has written that he would reach New York on his way home from Europe soon after April 15.  He is not given in the list of survivors, so it is believed he has perished.

If Dr. Moraweck has lost his life in this fearful disaster his fate may be ascirbed to the inheritance of a villa in Germany under unusual circumstances.

Dr. Moraweck is a man of about fifty.  he has lived in Louisville thiry years and was for a long time an ear and throat specialist.  A few years ago he bought a farm in Meade County, Kentucky, and spent much of his time there.

Dr. Moraweck traveled a great deal and made several trips abroad.  In the Fall of 1909 he was returning from Europe and on a steamship met Frau Magdalena Hasse, a wealthy widow of Freiburg, Germany.

Friendship sprang up between Dr. Moraweck and Frau Hasse, who was a woman about sixty years of age.

Arriving in America Frau Hasse went to visit relatives in Florida, this being the subject of her coming over, but in a short time she went on a trip through the South.  Dr. Moraweck was her medical attendant.

In April, 1910, Frau Hasse went to visit Dr. Moraweck's farm near Brandenburg, Ky.  There she became ill and died.

Dr. Moraweck found among her effects her will with a codicil in which she gave directions that Dr. Moraweck should have her body cremated and the ashes sent to her family in Germany to be deposited with the remains of her first husband.  As a return for his many kindnesses to her she left to Dr. Moraweck her villa near Freiburg.  This villa was worth about $30,000.

Dr. Moraweck carried out the instructions.  He had the body cremated in Indianapolis and took the ashes to Germany, where he turned them over to the family.  He returned from his trip to see about the villa on the Titanic. [Louisville, Ky.,--April 17]

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