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Chief Barber on the Titanic Obtains Post on the Lusitania
Special to The New York Times
PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 5---Unable to resist traveling over the sea, August F. Weikman of Palmyra, N. J., who was the chief barber on the ill-fated Titanic, and who was rescued after being several hours in the water, is unable to content himself ashore. Mr. Weikman said after his experiences that he would never go to sea again, but he has arranged to resume his old position as chief barber, and will sail from New York on the Lusitania to-morrow.

Mr. Weikman has been traversing the ocean for a number of years, and says that when on land he is like a fish out of water, and it is impossible for him to be content except on the ocean.

"After all,' he said to-night, "an accident like the Titanic's may never occur again, and I think I will risk it, anyway."

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