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Lucigen – Lucigen Steamship Co., (H.E. Moss & Co.)

Departed Bremen, Germany 8 March for New York. On 24 March at 46 degrees N, 46 degrees West, encountered heavy pack ice with numerous bergs, and had to steer south for 60 minutes before clearing it. Arrived New York on 31 March.

Port of Registry: Liverpool
Flag of Registry: British
Funnel: Buff with black top, white diamond, outlined in black with red block “M”
Company flag: Blue with a white diamond in the center containing a red block “M”
Steel hull, single screw, 2 decks (steel) and web frames
Electric light/ machinery aft
Engines: Constructed by North East Marine Engine Co., Ltd. Newcastle, triple expansion, 3 cyl.
26’, 43,’ 72’ by 46’ stroke, 437 N.H.P. 180 pounds operating pressure.
Tonnages: 4,954 gross, 4,503 underdeck, 3,044 net
Dimensions: length / 388 feet, width/ 50/5 ft. bridge/28 feet, depth 29.2 feet, fo’c’sle 43 feet.

1909 Feb. Built by Sir W.G. Armstrong, Whitworth & Co.
1909 6th March. Sea trials, then laid up at Tyne.

© 2004 John P. Eaton all rights reserved.
This item first appeared in Voyage, Journal of the Titanic International Society.

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  1. 3mervpeel3 said:

    My Name is Mervyn Peel and I sailed as cabin boy on Lucigen in 1938.Oldest ship I sevd on and with 3 masts and 2 funnels she was unique.Very slow,took31 days Galveston to Antwerp.Wish I could obtain photo.Can anyone Help

  2. ss01star said:

    I have a brass bridge or wardroom bell from the Lucigen, and am seeking a picture of the ship. (I think the National Maritime Museum archives have a photo, but copies there are expensive)

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