Luck Saves Morgan

Chicago Record-Herald

Financier Booked for Titanic, Taking Fricks' Place, but Changed His Mind

Accident Spares Another

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New York, April 18--Associates of J. P. Morgan today related the fact that the financier was saved from being in the Titanic disaster by a change in his continental programme.

It was told how he had taken space on the Titanic for her maiden voyage. The cabins of the suite had been originally engaged by Henry Clay Frick of Pittsburgh and his wife.

Booked For The Titanic

On their way abroad Mrs. Frick met with a slight accident at Madeira and sprained one of her ankles. On her arrival in Italy she went to a hospital. This delayed them and Mr. Frick's reservations on the Titanic were turned over to Mr. Morgan. But Mr. Morgan in turn altered his plans and decided to prolong his visit abroad. The reservations were once more turned over, this time to J. Horace Harding of the banking firm of C. D. Barney & Co.

Accident Saves Harding

Mr. Harding, because of certain deals that delayed his departure, was forced to sail on the Mauretania on Saturday last instead of on the Titanic, and as well as Mr. Morgan and the Fricks missed the fate that might have been theirs had he held to his original plans.

Chicago Record-Herald, Friday, April 19, 1912, p. 3, c. 7

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