Luise and Anton Kink with daughter Luise.

Milwaukee Journal

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Luise and Anton Kink with daughter Luise.

Mr and Mrs Anton Kink and their daughter Louise
The Kink family was aroused from sleep at the Hofer home early Wednesday by the Journal photographer and a reporter. Mr Kink, who is a native of Zurich, Switzerland, has lately been living in Austria. He was been a manager in a large store there, and expects shortly to find employment in Milwaukee. He sat in undershirt and trousers, his feet bare – telling of his experience.
The White Star Line’s tailor made an error in measuring him for the trousers, for they reached almost to his armpits, and had several [?] taken in at the bottom to adapt them to his form.
He speaks good German. His wife’s speech is marked by a decided Swiss accent.
Mr. Hofer has already made a playmate of the third member of the family, little Louise. Wednesday having been a holiday for him. During the interview he sat by smoking a short Swiss stogie that had survived the Titanic disaster, while Mrs Hofer was preparing breakfast for the hungry Kinks.

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