Major Butt's Memory Honored By Masons

Washington Times

The memory of Major Arcxhibald Butt, believed to be among those who went down with the Titanic, was honored last night at a meeting of Robert de Bruce Council, Kinights of Kadosh, No. 1 of Ancient and accepted Scottish Rite Masons.

Capt. Horace P. McIntosh, of thirty-second degree, stopped long enough in the ceremonies of conferring degrees on a large class of candidates to speak of the President's military aide.

"In all his services rendered to his country as a soldier, and as a man and a Mason, Archibald Butt emulated those principles for which Scottish Rite Freemasonry stands," said Capt. McIntosh.

A large number of distinguished Masons were present, some from Baltimore and Philadelphia.

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