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Sails Away in it for Rome, the Envy of the Ship

Major Archibald Butt, military aid [sic] to the President of the United States, sailed yesterday for Europe on the North German Lloyd liner Berlin for a rest in a suit of clothes that won the admiration of every passenger on the deck of the liner, including a deaf and dumb Greek sponge merchant from Patras. His cambric handkerchief was tucked up his left sleeve like Kipling's pukka Indian soldier man.

He wore a bright copper-colored Norfolk jacket fastened by big ball-shaped buttons of red porcelain, a lavender tie, tall baywing collar, trousers of the same material as the coat, a derby hat with broad, flat brim, and patent leather shoes with white tops. The Major had a bunch of lillies in his buttonhole, and appeared to be delighted at the prospect of going away. He said that he had lost twenty pounds in weight following the President in his strenuous tour through the West.

When asked if it were true that he was engaged to Miss Dorothy Williams of Washington, Major Butt replied sadly: "I wish it were. This bachelorhood is a miserable existence. I have distress signals flying at the fore, and will refuse no reasonable offer to enter the matrimonial field. I'll do the best I can, and if this leap year gets away before I get ba wife I shall feel very much discouraged."

The gallant Major did not wear an overcoat, and he winced once or twice when he was posing the windswept deck for the photographers.

Major Butt is bound for Rome, accompanied by his friend Francis D. Millet, the painter, who is to take charge of the American Academy of Arts in the Eternal City. Mr. Millet said that the present buildings are to be reconstructed at a cost of $1,500,000, and new properties are to be taken over by the Abcademy. The central building of the Academy is the Villa Aurelia.


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