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Marconigrams sent and received by Captain Smith on the Titanic

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Marconigram to Commander Empress of Britain, 12 April, 1912, which read: Many thanks for your kind message from all here. Smith.

Marconigram: 14th April 1912, 12.55pm. Commander Baltic. Thanks for your message and good wishes. Had fine weather since leaving. Smith.

Marconigram: 14th April 1912 1.26 pm. Captain Caronia. Thanks for message and information, have had variable weather throughout. Smith.

Marconigram April 14th 1912 2.50 pm. Captain Noordam. Many thanks had moderate variable weather throughout. Compts. Smith.
Marconigram 14th April 1912 6.52pm. Riggs Caronia. Many thanks, love to both. - Smith.

Marconigram to Titanic. From Empress of Britain 12 Apr. 1912. Commr. Titanic. Officers and self send greetings and best of luck to the Titanic her Officers and Commander. Murray.

Marconigram to the Titanic. From SS Le Touraine sent 12th April 1912 7.10pm. From Touraine to Captain Titanic. My position 7pm GMT Lat 49.28 long 26.28 W dense fog since this night crossed thick icefield lat 44.58 long 50.40 Paris saw another icefield and two icebergs lat 45.20 Long 50.09 Paris saw a derelict lat 40.56 long 68.38 Paris please give me your position. Best regards and Bon Voyage.

Marconigram to Titanic. From Caronia April 14th 1912 7.10am. Captain Titanic. Westbound steamers report bergs,. growlers and field ice in 42N from 49 to 51 West April 12th. Compts. Barr.
Marconigram to Titanic sent 14th April 1912 11.52am. Captain Smith Titanic:

Have had moderate variable winds and clear fine weather since leaving. Greek steamer Athenai reports passing icebergs and large quantity of field ice today in lat 41.51N lone 49.52W. Last night we spoke German Oil Tanker Deutschland Stettin to Philadelphia not under control, short of coal lat 40 42 N long 55.11 wishes to be reported to New York and others steamers. Wish you and Titanic all success. Commander.

Marconigram to Titanic via Caronia. April 14th 1912 2.30pm.
Captain SS Titanic. Congratulations on new command had moderate wly wins fair weather no fog much ice reported in lat 42 degrees 24 to 42 degrees 45 and long 49 degrees 50 to 50 degrees 20. Compliments Krol.

Marconigram to Titanic. 14 April 1912. Commander Titanic. All best wishes, success, much love. George and Katie Riggs - Caronia.

Marconigram from Mesaba to Titanic. 14th April 1912. Ice report. In lat 42N to 42 25 long 49W to long 50 30W saw much heavy pack ice and great number large icebergs also field ice. Weather good, clear.

Marconigram Olympic to Titanic. April 14th 1912. Commander Titanic. 4.24am GMT 40.32N 61.18W are you steering Southerly to meet us. Haddock.

Marconigram from Olympic to Titanic. Sent 14 April 1912. Commander Titanic. Am lighting up all possible boilers as fast as can. Haddock - Olympic.

Marconigram Baltic to Titanic 15 April 1912. 0.35am. Captain Smith Titanic. Baltic coming 243 miles east we are. Commander. Baltic.

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