Maria Panula Wedding Photograph

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Maria Panula Wedding Photograph

Maria Panula and her husband Juha Panula on their wedding day 14 Feb. 1892

Maria's full name was: Maija Emelia Abrahamintytar Ojala Ketola. After her marriage and immigration her names changed to Maria Emilia Panula.
She was the daughter of Susanna Maria Taavettintytar Norrkiilunen and Aaprahami Aaprahaminpoika (Abraham) Ojala Ketola. She had five siblings: Liisa, Anna, Juho Heikki, Emma, Sanna Kaisa and Aaprahami Ojala Ketola.

Maria married Juha (John) Juhonpoika Panula and they had eight children:

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Picture courtesy of Hildur Panula-Heinonen

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    ed wall said:

    I believe my grandfather ( Wilhelm Heino, real name: Vilho Hytilla) may have been an acquaintance of Juha (John) Juhonpoika Panula . M grandfather live in Vesta, PA, just up the river from Coal Center.

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