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Marshall Drew, a survivor of the Titanic, died Friday at Eastern Long Island Hospital in Greenport, L. I. He was 82 years old and lived in Westerly, L. I.

Mr. Drew, who was born in Greenport, taught fine arts at Grover Cleveland High School in New York City far 36 years.

Mr. Drew, who was 8 at the time, was traveling on the Titanic with his aunt and uncle when the reputedly "unsinkable" ocean liner sank on its maiden voyage the night of April 14-l5, 1912, killing 1,513 people. His aunt was a victim of the disaster.

He is survived by a daughter, Bette Elizabeth Drew of Hoboken, N.J.; four grandsons, and three great-grandsons.

[Note: Lulu Drew, his aunt, actually survived the sinking, contrary to what is stated here; it was his uncle, James Drew, who did not.]

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