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Bill for Gowns "Outrageous," Her Lawyer Wrote Lucille, Ltd.
A statement in behalf of Mary Garden was made yesterday by her attorney, Jacob Klein, concerning the suit filed against her in the Supreme Court on Tuesday by Lucille, Ltd., to recover $2,758 for gowns and accessories, in which the attorney made public correspondence with Miss Garden concerning the matter.

Miss Garden bought the gowns last October and got a bill for them when she came here in February with the Chicago Opera Company. She wrote Lady Duff-Gordon that the charges were unreasonable, and got a letter from the corporation stating that Lady Duff-Gordon regretted that Miss Garden felt that way, but that "Lady Duff Gordon has nothing whatever to do with the financial side of the business." The letter continued:

"When she has gowns to create she just works out her inspirations, and when the gown is complete her part is finished, and the management arranges the prices. The gowns took weeks to make, therefore you will realize how difficult it would be to make a fixed price for gowns created by Lady Duff-Gordon."

The letter also stated that Lady Duff-Gordon would put the matter of a reduction in the price before the Directors of the corporation, and stated in conclusion that a bill for $400 additional for Lady Duff-Gordon's personal fee was inclosed. After Miss Garden had returned to Paris, and before any word concerning the reduction of the bill had been received, Miss Garden's attorney wrote inquiring about it, stating that she "considers the charges made by you outrageous, and if you insist on same will contest their fairness before the proper tribunals."

On May 4 last the attorneys for Lucille, Ltd., wrote that the "conclusion of the company, after looking into the account and checking up the costs and charges in it, is that bill is not only fair and reasonable, but that the gowns were altogether underpriced, and that accordingly Miss Garden will pay the bill as rendered."

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