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George Q Clifford of Stoughton, president of Belcher Last company,

Herbert Henry Hilliard of 42 Hichorn street, Brighton

Timothy J., McCarthy of 52 Nelson street, Dorchester.

John E. Maguire of Brockton.

A.W.Newell, president of the Fourth National bank of Boston.

Jacques Futrelle of Scituate.

Walter Chamberlain Porter of Worcester.

Percival W. White of Winchendon and Boston.

Mr and Mrs. Richard F. White., manservant and maid servant, all of Winchendon and hotel Somerset.

John Bradley Cumings ofBoston andNew York,who married MissFlorence B.Thayer ofBrookline.

Alexander O. Halverson, formerly ofBoston.

Milton C. Long ofSpringfieldand Lowell, son of Judge Long of Springfield probate court.

Frank D. Millett, artist, formerly of Mattapoisett andBoston.

Clarence Moore ofBeverlyandWashington.

Jeremiah Burke, who planned to live inCambridge.

Miss Nora Hegarty, who left her home inIreland,planning to live in Charlstown.

Mrs. Omine Honcarek and her two children, who were to join relatives inBoston.

Nils Sigmund Lind, who leftSweden to come toBostonto live.

Simon Meisner, who expected to make his home inSalem.

John or David Barton, who planned to join his son inBoston.

Austin R. Ryerson of 30 Pickney street  inBoston.

Mrs. A.A. Ryerson of 30 Pickney street,Boston.Three children.

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