[Report of the marriage of Titanic survivor Georgette Madill]

Unidentified Newspaper

The betrothal of Miss Georgette Madill, daughter of Mrs. Edward S. Robert of Clarksville, Mo., formerly of St. Louis, to Anthony Mattei of Rome, Italy, is an announcement of much interest to St. Louis society. The marriage will take place during the summer, after which the couple will come to St. Louis to visit with relatives before going to Mrs. Robert's home in Clarksville. Miss Madill is a popular member of the fashionable set, and was presented at the Court of St. James three years ago. She is a member of the Imperial, and also belongs to the Junior League. Mr. Mattei has but recently completed his study of law, and he was educated in England.

Following their marriage, Mr. Mattei and his bride will make their home in Paris, and later in London, England.

Miss Madill is at present in London, and Mrs. Robert returned to America but a few weeks ago. She is at present at Clarksville. The prospective bride is the daughter of the late Judge Madill.

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