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Swoons At Seance, Then Re-enacts "Last Scenes Aboard the Titanic"
Special Cable Despatch to THE SUN
MANCHESTER, May 13---The Daily Despatch says that it hears that a message
was received from William T. Stead, who perished on the Titanic, through the
medium at a seance at Rothesay. The medium, who is the wife of friend of
Stead's, swooned. She jumped up and seizing other women there, pushed them
across the room, urging them to "enter the boat." Afterward she cried out
"God pity us." She followed this with "Thy will be done" and "Nearer, My
God, to thee."

After an interval the medium spoke again. She said "I know I have passed
over. The past has been like a nightmare with a sudden awakening."

The question was asked: "Who are you?" and the medium replied: "I am Stead.
I know where I am. I was here before, but was unable to make an appeal to
all Godfearing men and women for help. I wish to break in the thought. It
is easier to break in here than elsewhere. Could you see the misery of the
lost as I saw it your hearts would bleed for them; called to part with all
their cherished hopes and plunge into the terrors of the Unknown, you would
weep and pray for them."

Mr. Stead, through the medium, went on to speak of the foolishness of the
riches and possessions of this earth. It was at his suggestion, so the
spirit said, that the band played "Nearer, My God, to Thee," as the ship
went down.

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Original article digitized by the New York Public Library
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