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A Special Meeting of the Board Of Directors of Montefiore Home, held April 21, 1912.

The President, Jacob H. Schiff, announced the melancholy death of the Honorable Isidor Straus and his devoted wife in the disaster of the Titanic, unparalleled in the annals of he sea. Thereupon the board convened to express its sorrow at the untimely and tragic passing away of their colleague.

The pitiless Atlantic has enwrapped him and his supremely good, noble, and heroic wife in a watery shroud and grave. The first and last impulse of Mr. and Mrs. Straus, when danger was imminent, was not save themselves, but to aid those in their employ and others. What self-sacrifice: The refusal of the wife to leave her husband to his fate in the face of certain death evinced ideal wifely devotion and courage. Thus died a hero and heroine, entwined in each other's arms.

Those who met Isidor Straus in the highway of life, will never forget how much of what was broadminded, tolerant, genuine, and generous was in this man, whose name has for almost a half century been on men's lips in praise of his works and worth, and whose memory will ever be kept green In the hearts and souls of those who knew him.

For a truth, it may be said of him, that he was a man of commanding ability, sterling integrity, and pure patriotism.

His aspirations were lofty and his hopes were high. His dreams were dreams such as great and good men dream of the happiness of his fellow-men.

He succeeded in many of the objects for which he strove. He gave of his time, his thoughts, and of his means to help solve a problem of educating the masses to a more perfect understanding of their individual rights and their duties and obligations to committed authority and to ameliorate the condition of the world's unfortunates, irrespective of race or creed.

He was admired and loved not more for his strength of character and public spirit, than for his simple, genial nature, self-possession, grace, and dignity.

Mr. Straus was one of the founders of Montefiore Home. He was chosen a member of its first Board of Directors in 1884, and continued to serve in that capacity until he was taken away.

To him and his wise counsel is largely due, not alone the successful upbuilding of this institution, but also the growth, development, and success of other useful and beneficial communal institutions in this metropolis.

His death leaves his associates in the Board of Directors with a profound sense of loss and the greatest admiration for his fine lovable qualities of character.

The Directors of Montefiore Home tender their heartfelt sympathy and sincere condolence to the bereaved in the loss they have sustained.

They do not mourn alone. There are many who mourn with them. But even in our sorrow for the death of our lamented colleague we must solemnly, devoutly, and patriotically be thankful for his life and the opportunity afforded him to render lasting and invaluable services so helpful to others still fighting the battle of life.

JACOB H. SCHIFF, President.
ARTHUR P. WOLF, Honorary Secretary.


Mark Baber, USA


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