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New York Times

STRAUS-Resolutions of the Board of Directors of the Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society (Orphan Asylum,) passed at a meeting specially called for the purpose of considering the tragic and untimely death of Isidor Straus:

Isidor Straus taught the poor children of this land that even in these days fame and fortune can be attained by industry, perseverance, general ability and an unswerving integrity. He demonstrated what so many have come to doubt, that a great fortune can be built up without allowing any taint or stain upon the methods of its achievement.

Isidor Straus taught the people of this land that even the busiest men can find time to devote themselves to the highest ideals of citizenship and of humanity. Although dealing with the largest business affairs in the commercial world, he always managed to find leisure to work assiduously for the poor and needy, thus setting an example of a productive intellect coupled with broad human interests.

The greatest tribute to the wonderful personality of Isidor Straus as it expressed itself in his innumerable acts of manliness, gentleness and sweetness was paid to him by his heroic and self-sacrificing wife.

Isidor Straus, the loyal, and patriotic citizen, an ardent patron of education, a constructive worker for the welfare of his fellow men, a liberal giver to all charities---has gone from us forever.

In his death the Nation and community have suffered an irreparable loss and our Institution a dear and encouraging friend. Every member of this Board feels that he has suffered a personal bereavement.

Resolved, That the Board of Directors of the Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society of New York (Orphan Asylum,) extends its profound sympathy to the family of Isidor Straus.

SAMUEL D. LEVY, Vice President
April 23, 1912

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