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New York Times

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STRAUS---At the first meeting of the Board of Directors of the Hebrew Technical Institute held since the appalling disaster of the loss of the Titanic, this minute was, by unanimous vote, adopted:

We cannot refrain from mingling our lament with the universal cry of sorrow at the crushing visitation that has befallen our community in the untimely death of Isidor and Ida Straus.

Well may Heaven rejoice at the homecoming of the righteous spirits of Isidor and Ida Straus. How many souls does the Creator send forth innocent and pure and spotless, and how few come bark unstained and unblemished after their pilgrimage on earth? But the souls of these two loved and loving ones now return to their eternal home with a record at which we all and even the Master, in whose divine service they labored so earnestly and so faithfully, may well rejoice.

Would that we could fittingly portray in language our admiration of their noble life and our grief at their untimely death! Would that we could speak a word of genuine solace to those who are left behind! And yet in the dark night of its inconsolable sorrow the family of the deceased must find a ray of comforting light in the thought of how rich a legacy these dear ones bequeathed in their well-spent life and in their glorious death, in the resplendent grandeur of their honored name and of their undying fame, resting upon no momentary or ephemeral achievement, but built upon the imperishable foundation of a life ennobled by unselfish and unending service, and by a death heroic in its unparalleled self-sacrifice and in its godlike courage end resignation---a courage and resignation with which we pray Heaven may likewise dower the bereaved, so that this sorely stricken family may bear up under its heavy burden of sorrow.

Ordered that this minute be permanently recorded, be published in the press, and a copy be sent to the family of the late Isidor and Ida Straus.

Eugene E, Spiegelberg. Secretary.

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