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President and Senators Pay High Tributes to Dead Hero
Memorial services for Major Archibald Butt, whose name is one of the most prominent among the Titanic’s heroic dead, will be held in this city on May 5 under the auspices of Temple Lodge, the Masonic organization of which the late military aide to the President was a member.

The most elaborate plans are being made for the event, and not only the President, but the most prominent officials of the Capitol and of the Masonic order, will be present.

The service will be an open one, and among the notables who have been invited as speakers are Col. Henry Waterson, of Kentucky, and Senator Bacon of Georgia.

Memorial service for Major Butt will also be held in Augusta, Ga. This will be a general service and will be open to all the residents, as will also be the one in Washington. Augusta was Major Butt’s home. The President will try to attend this service also.

All flags were flown at half-mast at the White House, the State, War, and Navy building, and all other public buildings in Major Butt’s memory today.

Among the callers on the President today there was not one but who regretted the unimely [sic] fate of the popular military aide. Senator Augustus O. Bacon of Georgia said:

“I’ve known Major Archibald Butt from his very early manhood, and he was one of the most loyal of friends. I doubt if there was a man in the United States who had more friends than he, friends who will most sincerely mourn his loss. To me personally, he was one of the best friends I had and his loss to me is almost like that of a brother. He was a very rare character and we shall not see his like again.”

Senator Tillman of South Carolina also called on the President: “Just to say a good word for poor Archie Butt,” as he expressed it.

“Major Butt was one of God’s gentlemen,” said Senator Tillman. “I knew him for some years and he was a splendid example of American manhood.”

“No man grieves more for Major Butt than I do,” said Senator aBiley [sic] of Texas. “I became acquainted with him twenty years ago and I always knew him for a fine type of gentleman. His death is a great loss to the country.”

Senator Crane of Massachusetts said at the White House: “Major Butt’s death is one of the saddest things I have ever heard. It is a frightful thing.”

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